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About Fossil Truck Sales

Fossil Truck Sales was established in 2020 with one goal in mind— to bring top quality vehicles to consumers without the hassle of the commercial dealerships. We are a small family owned and operated business located in Pratt Kansas. We are compassionate about the work that we provide, as is reflected by the care and detail that go into our vehicles as well as our customer service. We take our time to ensure that we provide you with a truck that’ll meet your requests, whether it be for a business or personal use. For us, it’s not about getting the vehicles off of the lot in a haste. It’s about working with our customers to fulfill their needs while personally providing the highest quality of service.


About Fossil Drilling

Fossil Drilling is a family owned and operated company. The Siroky family bought their first pulling unit in 1978. Since then the family opened an Oilfield Supply Store and started Siroky Oil management by buying old stripper wells and putting them back on production. Now Brian owns 5 pulling units, 2 drilling rigs, and is still operating Siroky Oil Management. At Fossil Drilling we strive to run the cleanest and most maintained equipment you will find. Our crews are first class and have a combined 100+ years of experience. Our goal is to get the work done in a timely - safe manner, and always have the customer calling Fossil Drilling for the next job.